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Outdoor Kitchens


For this specific topic, we wanted to interview directly its creator, Diego Pol, Chief Executive of MASUTTI MARMI.

Then, we asked Diego how the idea of ​​bringing his kitchen tops to the outside was born.

“It all started – he explains – when, almost two years after the acquisition of this company, a period in which I analysed in detail the offers received and the orders executed … I realized that no customer had ever made specific requests to furnish its own garden or terrace with an outdoor kitchenette.
I then asked myself if the raw materials that are usually used in the company are suitable for this type of realization. We started with synthetic materials (specifically Laminam and Dekton); we wanted to determine personally that these products were actually suitable for outdoor environments.

From there, the realization of the “ventilated facade”, a building covering system that combines two apparently irreconcilable features: the protection from atmospheric agents and the breathability. It is a counter-wall applied at a certain distance from the external facade of the building, which – thanks to the interspace – allows the passage of the air. We made it on the entrance wall of our factory.
Well, the ventilated wall that we built, in addition to achieving the purpose for which we created it (advantages for the healthiness and the temperature of the environments), has shown us that these synthetic materials have excellent performances even outdoors.

At this point, the step has been relatively short: relying on the expert hands of a valuable CESAF collaborator, who created the supporting structures in natural stone, we realized – in the square of the company, between the slab and the gardens – two, in my opinion, fantastic outdoor kitchens, with the top in synthetic material. Fantastic because they are not only beautiful, even to the untrained eye, but true, unique and above all functional, equipped with appliances suitable for being left outdoors: stoves, barbecues, deep fryers, etc.

I have always been convinced that facts matter more than words! This is why I wanted these two models of outdoor kitchens to be made in our yard: the customer will be able to see and touch, certain that what we propose is suitable for the “task he has to perform”; outdoor kitchens for outdoor use, exposed therefore to bad weather, to sudden climate changes, to UV rays, but still functional, perfect as just realized.

Moreover, it is my intention to ensure that the customer can see them “at work” so that he can understand the quality of the product I offer: in fact, I plan to periodically organize dinners or lunches using these kitchens. I am sure that these convivial moments will make everyone appreciate “the MASUTTI idea” of outdoor life.

We are sure of it, so we wish Diego and the whole MASUTTI team “good appetite and above all good job” with the new line of outdoor kitchens!

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