Masutti Natural Stones

Natural stone has always played a fundamental role in human life. Man has used it in many areas, and in particular in architecture and sculpture. Natural stone, in virtue of its toughness, compactness and durability, has the charm of having existed for millions of years.

Italy has been a world producer of ornamental stones since the age of the Romans and a custodian of decidedly unrivalled professional traditions in the field.

We at Masutti do not want to forget the origins, the prehistoric material, the natural stones, because they are not only a universal historical legacy, they represent the culture, the soul of our past. They are our tradition and tradition must be nourished to be kept alive, so it may become the inspiration of our future.

The Masutti Natural Stones line stems out of the absolute determination to offer raw materials to Customers, meant for the creation of kitchen tops and furnishing accessories of a high performing excellent quality; a bow to the past but that can be tailor-made using state-of-the art methods.

Natural stone, in addition to its purely aesthetic features, is fireproof, hygienic, non-toxic, ecological, which places it head and shoulders over other factory products. Furthermore, each stone is unique, a true “library” of the events it has undergone along its formation process over the millennia. This long “conception” is at the origin of the colour variations, shadows and veins, which are the distinctive traits of each individual specimen.

There are different benchmarks applied by our management for the selection of the raw materials covered by the new Masutti Natural Stones line.

esides strict quality checks which are a necessary imperative, the following properties are also an indispensable element:

  • technical characteristics
  • origin
  • supply continuity
  • size of slabs
  • colour variants
  • price range

The choice of Masutti Natural Stones top means preference for material of undoubted quality and beauty. You will avail yourself of a furnishing item which is versatile and chic, eternal and even trendy.

You must try it to believe it!

The stones that have been selected

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