Wide selection of both synthetic and natural materials. We provide our experience to realize your desires.

Kitchen Tops

Kitchen Tops

Masutti Marmi e Graniti realizes kitchen tops in marble, granite and agglomerates (like quartz, ceramics, etc.) in different thicknesses and following the customer’s specifications.  The careful selection of materials and the choice to rely only on high quality producers, allow Masutti to produce Kitchen Tops with very high technical and aesthetical characteristics. The company is equipped with advanced machinery and a qualified staff that allow it to satisfy the multiple needs of its Customers. The Masutti technical office actively collaborates with planners and designers to study the best processes to obtain a result of quality and elegance. The large warehouse of slabs allows to respond quickly to the timing imposed by the Customer and allows to touch the best natural stones to use. The online estimate calculator, Masutti’s flagship, eliminates the complications of determine the cost of a kitchen top and drastically reduces the time of budgeting.

Floor and wall coverings

MASUTTI MARMI is an authorized dealer of ATLAS CONCORDE, the first Italian ceramic group in the world, a specialist in the production of porcelain stoneware tiles for interiors and exteriors. Tiles of excellence, able to meet every need of architecture, where the richness of colors, veins and light effects of marble, stone and much more, create suggestions and exclusive atmospheres to furnish all environments. Extremely versatile, resistant, hygienic material: these are the main characteristics of the material that ATLAS CONCORDE proposes, where technical and aesthetic values come together to give a distinctive touch of beauty and healthiness to each project. Excellent stylistic and technological solution for floors and walls, therefore, in addition to the peculiarity that ATLAS CONCORDE products find “extension” in those of ATLAS PLAN. The tiles produced by ATLAS CONCORDE, in fact, have continuity – in terms of colors, textures and finishes – in the large ceramic surfaces made by ATLAS PLAN, its brand. ATLAS CONCORDE and ATLAS PLAN. Two brands, the same purpose: porcelain stoneware, proposed in a wide range of sizes, nuances, decorations, application solutions, to meet different needs. Similar, “consequential” products, applicable in residential projects – such as kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom – and commercial – such as hotels, restaurants, offices and shops, both indoor and outdoor. MASUTTI MARBLES. A unique proposal, with the potential for “customer satisfaction” at 360 °.

Custom-made furnishings

The great experience in the processing of various materials allows Masutti Marmi e Graniti to create multiple pieces of furniture and of design. We go from the realization of elements for the bathroom (tops, washbasin, shower trays, etc.) to a whole range of furnishing elements that can embellish any home. Each element is custom-made and agreed with the Customer, in order to obtain the best aesthetic result combined with a guarantee of quality and duration. The customer can select the marble or granite slab to be used for its object, choosing it in the vast warehouse of the company. This allows to choose, with tranquillity, exactly the slab that will be used, a fundamental benefit when you are in presence of natural materials (and therefore always different) such as marble and granite. Masutti’s advanced machinery also allows to work with agglomerated slabs (quartz, ceramics, etc.) that offer superior technical characteristics and great durability.

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