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Hello, my name is Valentina and I write from Verona. I’m arranging my parents’ house. I have a space of about 4 meters maximum to do my kitchen, instead I have no depth problems. Do you recommend a 60 cm width, 70 cm or 80 cm? I also read in your blog the solutions of equipped walls and integrated sinks … Do you have something nice and functional to recommend? Thanks a lot for the answer.


SOS Kitchen Depth

Good morning Mrs. Valentina, The depth of the top in a kitchen represents a great opportunity for those who, like you, can make it; we know that most kitchen countertops to date are always at a depth of 60 cm. But the way of building houses has also changed, and the design takes this into account. Therefore, everything that can be done above the 60cm size is welcome, even a depth of 70 cm can certainly be fine, keep in mind that up to this depth, you can have the underlying furniture made with drawers and baskets with larger guides at 66cm, so you can have even greater containment inside the kitchen. For integrated sinks there is now a great production safety, we at Masutti Marmi e Graniti also create a steel tank in support of the integrated basins that wraps the basins themselves, fixing them to the top and giving security in terms of fixing and sealing. They are beautiful and integrate perfectly with the worktop or top. All this, thanks to a careful project with the same materials, can create equipped walls that interact with the finishes of the fronts, of the kitchen tops, etc. A project by a professional will surely highlight all these possibilities by making them talk together in a harmonious and stylish way.


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