Continuous Surfaces

Talking about continuous surfaces, it is more logical to imagine places such as shopping malls, offices, stores in general or large environments, where ceramic material, marble, stones, etc… are laid on the floor or wall, to form important coatings. Nothing could be more right, but with the advent of rectified ceramic slabs, with modular thicknesses, we have entered, with a refined touch, in living and domestic environments.

The importance of the quality of the materials.

The very interesting thing about ceramic slabs, having thicknesses that can be of few mm, is that during restoration they allow, with small tricks, to go over the existing coatings, having a saving in terms of workforce. But this is only one of the aspects that these materials allow.

The importance of the aesthetic element.

Today I would focus on the aesthetic fact, that generates then hundred thoughts and makes people take important decisions in the realization of home interiors. We can say for sure that the choice of materials and their arrangement characterizes the whole environment in an important way; a well-thought project, defined in details, represents a long-lasting solution that is consistent with design trends. Materials such as porcelain stoneware, commonly called ceramic slabs, have achieved incredible degrees of surface perfection, they imitate perfectly marbles, granites, almost to look the same, but with a big difference: thicknesses, surface resistance and large sizes.                                                                                                 In a living environment, their placement is varied, they can be laid on the floor, cover walls in the manner of wainscoting, cover completely the bathrooms, being used to create furniture, kitchens, etc. Certainly the resulting effect is extremely refined, moreover this type of materials, being rectified, give the possibility to be laid side by side, without escape between one slab and another, almost not to see the union, as well as continuing with the same superficial grain, to form an established pattern. More and more these materials are used for the construction of hotels, halls, rooms, common areas, they are easy to clean, beautiful to look at and then the large size always has its charm.

In living environments, we can also lay the same type of slab throughout the house, starting from the living area and sleeping area to the bathrooms; some walls can be covered creating important effects with light and, to give continuity, also furnishing elements can be created. Having large slabs is currently very trendy, it gives great flexibility and great beauty.

 Aa Alessandro Antoniazzi

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