Masutti Marmi e Graniti: Conquering New York with Style and Innovation

Objects furnishing accessories

Today we are excited to share some extraordinary news: Masutti Marmi e Graniti will be participating in this year’s prestigious Boutique Design New York (BDNY) fair, bringing a piece of Italian excellence to the heart of the Big Apple. Let’s find out together what this exciting adventure has in store for us!

Masutti Marmi seen from above


Italian excellence.

A Venetian company with over 100 years of history, an industry leader in the creation of kitchens and bathrooms tops, both in natural stone and synthetic materials, furnishing accessories and customized solutions based on specific projects.

In addition to a qualified staff with consolidated professionalism, we can count on cutting edge technology, capable of ensuring excellent levels of precision and ever higher results in terms of performance results.

Our great raw material warehouse allows us to satisfy any request from our customers, who can rely on rapid supplies and timely deliveries carried out in a short time thanks to a well studied logistic plan.

We are among the very few companies in the stone industry that have an Integrated Management System ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We are among the very few companies in the stone industry that have an Integrated Management System ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. A comprehensive management system, which aims at an overall improvement process at all levels of the organization.

Customised kitchen worktop
Customised bathroom furniture


To each his own.

The Masutti reality is a very high precision transformation center and the entire activity is committed to providing attention to detail.

The furniture sector has completely changed in the last 20 years. Design reigns and kitchens and bathrooms have become – as they should be – the places where details make the difference. The intent is to make them increasingly useful, but at the same time elegant and welcoming. Thanks to technological evolution, the work done at Masutti is carried out with method, in total safety, with high quality standards that allow us to arrive at the definition of a perfect final result.

The great experience in the processing of stone materials allows us today to also create multiple design objects, such as furnishings and accessories that are tailor-made for each and every customer.

These furnishing elements make any home precious with a unique and original aesthetic result.

Objects furnishing accessories by Masutti


Collection of accessories. OBJETS MASUTTI is a creative workshop that merges the taste of craftsmanship and industrial technology. A versatile project put together to create something exclusive and accurate. A 100% made in-Italy product thanks to the selection of materials: 5 Italian marbles.

Wall panelling everywhere


Functional and dynamic furnishing solution. EVERYWHERE is a project born in Masutti Marmi with the collaboration of Haftenstudio, starting from the idea of cladding and embellishing the walls with our beautiful Metropolitan Resilience ceramic slab. The project is further developed by creating a practical concept of boiserie accompanied by multiple accessories made of painted metal, which are suitable to serve both the living and bathroom areas thanks to items that are easy to insert in millings and extremely versatile and interchangeable.

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