Sustainability report

The sustainability report reflects our commitment to operating responsibly, valuing the environment, people and community, and represents our vision of a sustainable future for all.

Sustainability report 2022

Key performance indicators (KPI)

The Sustainability Report, also known as the ESG Reporting or Report, is a document in which a company communicates its performance and any progress it has made in the environmental, social, and governance areas.

The concept of sustainability, for the company, and thus of its ESG Report, is precisely based on these three criteria:

  • Environmental sustainability: Acting sustainably to protect the environment and not compromising the processes of biological systems.
  • Social sustainability: Aiming at improving living conditions through the promotion of health services, education, social services, employment, enhancement of traditions, and cultural pluralism.
  • Economic Sustainability: Contributing to the development of society by reducing risks and costs, and improving the quality of services without increasing or reducing potential negative spillovers.

KPIs, short for Key Performance Indicators, are a set of quantifiable measures that the company uses to benchmark its performance over time. These metrics can determine the company’s progress in achieving its strategic and operational goals based on the ESG criteria mentioned above.

Environmental sustainability


Packaging recovered from customers

7,5 %

Wastewater treated and reused

-17,49 %

water disposed compared to 2021

Garbage disposal

100 %


System certification

ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – ISO 45001

Self-produced power with photovoltaic implant

58 %

of the Masutti’s need

Territory and Customer Awareness


active and updated channels


71 %

of the deliveries made by Masutti vehicles

Social sustainability


Economic value distributed to stakeholders

4.673.099 €



New Hires in 2022



16 %

Nationality of employees


The average age of employees

49,8 %

Corporate welfare

3 benefit

Total accident rate

0 %

In-house training provided

181.5 hours

Outbound training provided

29 technical insights

Economic value distributed for the valorization and the contribution to the territory

20.000 €

Release of information in the territory


active and updated channels

Economic sustainability


Corporate structure in terms of responsibility and management

100 %

ownership CESAF Srl


2.948.242 €

Revenue growth 2021 – 2022

+ 34,5 %


5,71 %

Inclination to export

8 %

incidence on 2022 sales

Product destination countries

direct destinations

Market diversification

4 areas

Kitchen Tops, Furnishing Tables,
Cladding Slabs, Tiles

Product diversification

Kitchen Tops 92.5 %
Furnishing Tables 2.5 %
Cladding Slabs 2 %
Tiles 3 %

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