For Giada & Massimo: Steel household appliances, what to match with them?

Cover Image: The Designer Responds - Steel household appliances, what to match with them?

Hamlet-like doubt.
I ‘inherited’ professional stainless steel household appliances from my older brother, they are only 3 years old and work divinely well.
My boyfriend and I are totally lost because we don’t know what kind of material to choose for the rest of the kitchen and what colour. Can you help us out?
Thanks so much.
Giada & Massimo.

Good evening,

I have to tell you that 99% of the household appliances are in steel finish. I can help you but the variants are immense.
In any case, being professional household appliances, I would combine important and long-lasting materials, starting from a stone, up to porcelain stoneware and stones.
The material always makes the difference and over time always remains current.

Aa Alessandro Antoniazzi

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