Synthetic stones

(in alphabetical order)


Atlas Plan perfectly reproduces the excellence, richness of colours, texture, veins and the light effects of marble, natural stone, design and of the most innovative materials, evoking a unique atmosphere of appeal and charm.
An uncommon and endless matter unchanged over time, suitable for both the indoor and outdoor environs. Ideal for surfaces that need the greatest degree of hygiene, resistance and aesthetic harmony.

Ultra-compact, revolutionary and innovative surface, the result of cutting-edge technology which consists in replicating, speeding up, the metamorphic change that the natural stone undergoes when exposed for thousands of years to high temperatures and maximum pressure. The result is a sophisticated mixture of raw materials used to make glass, latest-generation porcelain materials and quartz surfaces.

Ceramic produced in large slab and with minimum thickness. It is a material with unique architectural and creative qualities in interior decoration and design. Its creation in very thin slabs entails an almost infinite possibility of use: Laminam can be used – as well as for the creation of wonderful Kitchen Tops – as wall and floor coverings, bathroom furniture coverings, benches in public places, outdoor tables and as vertical surface for doors and partition walls.

Materials manufactured with about 90-92% of natural quartz, one of the hardest natural minerals in the world, combined with resins and polymers (8-10%) as well as pigments and small quantities of glass or metal particles. Absolutely smooth and non-porous material, the top in Masutti quartz stands out compared to other solutions for the extreme hardness e resistance to abrasion, characteristics that guarantee excellent performance against the attack of chemical agents and the absorption of liquids, and the heat.

Quartz surface 100% Made in Italy. Quartz, the main ingredient, gives to the

material a high hardness and a prolonged resistance, to which natural pigments and polyester resin are added. This material is able to withstand scratches, heat, stains, it does not result flammable. All these features witness its great practicality and the possibility to be used for different projects: from Kitchen Tops to bathroom furniture, and more.

The high percentage of natural Quartz (around 94%) makes this synthetic compound durable and long-lasting. This material, thanks to its composition of excellence, offers a vast range of different colours and textures. It has a non-porous surface, so as to resist stains of coffee and other liquids (such as wine, juice, oils) and lots of other everyday products.

Another product composed by 94% of natural material (silica sand and quartz), while the remaining 6% of polyester structural resins. The recomposed quartz produced by Stone Italiana allows to overcome limits of stain resistance, of hardness, of absorbency, of reliability. Stone Italiana worktops, not being porous, are highly hygienic.

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