In a historical period characterized by worry, despair, anguish and for someone, alas, suffering, Holy Christmas comes to our aid, which warms the hearts of even the most indifferent ones. Christmas: synonymous with joy, warmth, serenity, love, family meetings, rediscovered affections. Well, as in Gianni Rodari’s most beautiful Christmas-themed stories, we too want – in our own small way – to arouse feelings of love and give us the ability and strength to imagine a better future.

By reinterpreting the Nativity in our own way, demonstration of our material knowledge and mastery of the craft, we have tried to recreate the holidays special atmosphere, which has always spoken to people’s hearts. Jesus, Joseph and Mary, molded by our master craftsmen skilled hands; three silhouettes that do not fail to convey – even when reviewed in a modern key – their symbolic meaning and their primordial magic. Exaltation of the message of good wishes, in its broadest meaning. The beauty and enchantment of this Nativity scene is sealed by the delicate sparkle of the lights of our stone fir. Everything was made using slabs from the Masutti quartz line: from Assolutamente to Puro, from Candido to Madreperla. Four delicate shades that blend well with the royalty of the representation, even in its essentiality.

We hope to have awakened in everyone a brotherhood universal feeling, the one that is not associated with any business but only and simply with tradition and the hope of a better future. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, we leave you with a message from our CEO Diego Pol.

Dear friends, Despite the bad times, I do not lose hope and the vision of a promising tomorrow. A new dawn awaits us. I have never lost trust, even in the darkest moments of this sad experience. So, my most sincere wish to all of you is that you can find it again, in the future, in the person next to you, to build together that better future that we all look forward to so much. But we must be proactive, collaborative, we must continue to believe in ourselves. Only with a spirit of trust in ourselves and in the future, of unity among all, we can face small and large emergencies. The nativity scene is just that: it inspires belief, union, hope, trust. That’s why we wanted one of our own, made by our artisans, with our quartz, displayed in our slabs garden. We wanted to show and concretely demonstrate to everyone our conviction of who we are, what we are, of what we know to do and how we know to do it: “We are specialists in the processing of natural and synthetic stones”. This Christmas crib wants to be a symbol of our professional competence, which will never fail, indeed, it will progress! Do like me and we will regain the reins of our destiny. Let’s look forward to 2021 together! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Diego Pol
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