Why choose us

We care about our customers. We are constantly engaged in trying to satisfy them.

Company Profile

Latest generation technology

We are equipped with the latest generation tools that allow accurate processing thanks to several numerically controlled machinery. We constantly strive to buy
new devices to improve our performance or expand our areas of intervention.

Highly specialized staff

A team of consolidated experience is able to produce customized pieces, considering the specificity and complexity of every single project. Actively collaborating with technicians and designers, we are used to create bonds of esteem and extreme trust with our customers.

Respect of execution times

Most of our products are made ad-hoc for a specific order, without a
line of standard products, but created according to the requests of the Customer, with individual customizations. Despite this, we are always able to guarantee the
delivery of the finished product within the agreed time, with an average time frame of 3 weeks from the order. Each artefact requires a specific design, looking for the best “producible” solution, to guarantee a high level performance. All these consecutive steps are carefully estimated upstream, even in terms of time, in order to not exceed the times agreed with the customer.

Quality of materials: accurate selections

We believe in the artisan approach that focuses on passion for its work and
the care of the finished product. That’s why we carefully select the raw materials and we apply a strict scrutiny on each material. Masutti has recently purchased
a video camera that is able to detect the micro-imperfections of the material to be processed. In order to guarantee a high quality finished product.

Stock availability: ready and fast service

The solidity of the company has allowed the construction of a large warehouse with slabs to be processed always available. Our customers can count on a ready service and a rapid supply of materials. Moreover, thanks to an extended sample and to a
well-stocked showroom, Masutti is committed to allow customers to touch with their hands the products before buying them, to guarantee their quality. A wide external exhibition of slabs; the customer can have the concrete perception of what he is buying, not limiting himself to the small common sample. Over 560 different materials in color and type; raw material at home, a huge effort for Masutti, to guarantee certain production times.

Research and innovation: culture of materials

Masutti is a reality looking to the future that also operates in the field of research, with the aim of improving the aesthetic and the performance of materials, also innovating the production processes. A packaging made ad-hoc! Solid, secure, without neglecting the competence in the realization of packaging made for every continent in the world.

Masutti estimate calculator

Knowing how much a Kitchen Top costs in no time is a requirement imposed by the market. We have responded to this need by creating an online estimate calculator, accessible to all and scalable in the future for new opportunities. A commercial configurator capable of driving customers and / or agents in the correct definition of a product and the related economic offer, built in a simple and intuitive way.

Internal commercial organization

Very recent, the creation of an internal sales network, formed by talented, competent and motivated professionals, figures able to grasp and embrace the philosophy of the company: “to sell the product effectively, you need to have a direct contact with the customer, to connect with him, to build bonds “. These new employees have to be understood as real “consultants”, because they understand the customer’s needs and they are able to build a business proposal on a product that is configured precisely on those needs. The globalization of the markets and the mutation of sales channels make us understand the importance increasingly strategic to have a valid and adequate commercial network. Therefore, we have worked in this direction, putting together an effective, close-knit, organized and synergic internal group, formed by figures with many years of experience and deep knowledge of the industry. The service of “size evaluation” at home, if required, is completely free.

Control of the production chain: guarantee and safety

Our production chain is organized so as to check quality and safety at every productive step. Each of our products, before being packed, is subjected to strict check of dimensional and aesthetic conformity to minimize the margins of error

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