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For Sabrina: Installations of LED lights

Good morning, I would love to use LED lights in my new kitchen, which is modern.
I would like to ask a designer for advice. Do you find it a good idea?
Where do you recommend placing them?
Thanks a lot. Sabrina.

Installations of LED lights

Miss Sabrina!

Light represents life, each enlightened body absorbs it and reflects its forms, therefore lighting is fundamental for a purely practical question.
In the kitchen it is never enough: so let there be light.
There are multiple lighting applications in the kitchens, starting from the lights under the wall units recessed in the back, to the interior lights of the furniture, spreading lights above the wall units and columns; there are glass back panels of the kitchen with impactful backlighting and the possibility of having various gradations of light – warm, cold and even coloured -.
So more and more light takes on important roles in the kitchen, we are working on recessed lighting projects but for now I cannot go further also because the research is continuous and costs sacrifices, in the right moment they will be disclosed.
In any case, based on your kitchen project, you have to try to identify the appropriate lights to be included in it, always remembering that in any case the ambient light given by lighting bodies applied to the ceiling, walls, etc. is also very important.

Aa Alessandro Antoniazzi

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