For Giampaolo: Venetian floors: which materials and colours to choose?

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I hope you can help me! My name is Gianpaolo and I write from the province of Venice. I recently bought a house, and I have a beautiful Venetian floor in red and white shades with very fine-sized grit. What kind of materials and shades of colours do you recommend for the kitchen and the top? I am very undecided.

Venetian floors: which materials and colours to choose?

Mr. Gianpaolo, here we go a little on personal tastes, but given your indecision I will try to give you some suggestions. The Venetian floor represents something refined and beautiful in a house. Especially if it has some time, if well maintained, it always remains a milestone in a home, one thing that I love. However, undoubtedly, it becomes very distinctive within the environment, as they say ‘it is noted’, above all as you describe me in a beautiful red and white colour. I would adopt neutral colours, if in plain colours light greys, while if flamed I would adopt veined white colours like Calacata, very elegant Carrara marble and similar. I also love steel so a kitchen completely made of this material would be fantastic, but then I imagine the delicacy that must be used.


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