For Francesco: Reconstructed sink yes or no?

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Hi! I have seen in many exhibitions kitchens with the reconstructed sink, I believe its name is this. Aesthetically it is beautiful, but are we sure that with the passing of the years it will not leak, and will it have to be redone?                                                                                                                                    Can you give me your opinion? Thanks so much. Francesco.

Reconstructed sink yes or no?

Mr. Francesco, and if it were to be redone we are here for that! 😉 Joking apart, I repeat as answered in a question prior to yours, the reconstructed tanks are wrapped in an additional steel tank and fixed to the worktop, to ensure that the sink is sealed and will not leak over time. The gluing systems are very precise, here we employ highly specialized staff who, by hand and with careful attention, make all the products and then pair them perfectly and realize the assembled sink. Don’t worry, here at Masutti Marmi e Graniti these operations are part of everyday life, there is a lot of manual skills in these creations to guarantee perfect and long-lasting finished products.


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