Diego’s Talk: Health and safety at work management system.

Cover Article:  ISO 45001 Certification

Being certified according to ISO 45001, the health and safety at work management system, means demonstrating an organization’s commitment to guaranteeing adequate working conditions in terms of health, well-being and equality practices. Organizations seeking to improve their ESG profile (environmental, social and governance), through the implementation of ISO 45001, give a strong message to everyone: they confirm that they truly take care of their staff.

In the distant 2011, not in Italy but abroad, I faced a very difficult situation: the loss of a worker in my construction site, without being able to help and / or assist him in that lethal moment. His disappearance, attributable to a blood sugar problem, therefore not subject to lack of organization or prevention, made me think a lot, I questioned myself and I tried to understand what was the most effective system to be able to avoid situations like these, moments so emotionally significant and that leave everyone in indescribable discouragement. The key word of this norm I believe is “protection”; prevent the risk, prevent the accident, knowing that they are always around the corner, ready to surprise and injure you.

I have always thought that sharing these goals with the entire work team is essential and it is the real trump card to create a healthy and comfortable work environment, respecting individuals, the group and the existing regulations. In Masutti, as it was before in Cesaf, the work to achieve the “ISO 45001 certification” goal has proved not easy, especially because the guidelines that the current rules ask to respect are exposed to innumerable interpretations, when included in the real context. In the end, in Masutti – concrete evidence is the certification obtained – we did it! Those were good days, those spent with SGS’s expert certifiers, with whom we had constructive comparisons on what we had prepared and how much we apply; there were interesting comparisons between the parties, which – we can say – enriched Masutti Marmi as a whole, but also gave a positive contribution to the certifiers themselves.  

In front of what can happen anyway and its magnitude, we must always be vigilant. The path of prevention and protection must be a constant component in the way of thinking, acting, aware – however – that perhaps it will never be enough! The economic commitment that a company faces for a correct protection policy must also be underlined; too often it is not recognized by the context but, believe me, the sense of fulfillment that you have working safely, with a constant and effective commitment, has no limits, in terms of economic restitution, if you think of the benefit it creates inside a company. The heritage of an activity is its organization, made up of the employer, the consultants who help you to control and track the processes, but above all the employees who with constancy and dedication contribute to make sure that the work environment is healthy and risk-free as far as possible; with these assumptions, the family of work is happy and can aspire to important goals. In Italy, sometimes this important certification is not considered as it should, but in international contexts and market globalization it is an important, winning, appreciated and sought after card; undeniable that ISO 45001 is one of the keys for the opening of foreign markets.

One last consideration, my personal interpretation: a person who feels calm and works well in the work environment, will always do a well done job and it will be his priority to try to make someone else happy with his work.

Diego Pol

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