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ISO 14001

The Environmental Management System, identified by the certification according to the ISO 14001 international technical standard, is voluntary-based. As I have already pointed out for the quality system, even for this type of certification process, there must be an iron will of the management of a company to believe in this type of control. If in the quality system I have highlighted the word “order” as a keyword, in this system I believe that the word or otherwise the inspiring concept is respect. Respect for the environment in its entirety, respect for the regulatory compliance that governs this precious universe, respect for the principles for safeguarding the company’s asset, respect and continuous improvement of a company’s image and reputation.

In my individual training path and in the study of the process for obtaining this certificate, I can say that this was the most difficult but also the most valorizing; it is complex, precise, detailed and cannot be interpreted, therefore it requires a strong determination, related to the desire to read and study a lot. If you plan to undertake this process without these basic elements, my impression is that you are completely wrong.

The disappointment I encountered during the environmental analysis (necessary document and basis of the procedure) of the two companies that I represent was very high. I ignored and / or did not know many parameters and reference standards to be respected, to the point that sometimes I felt “a person who did not respect the environment”; this animated me even more in the drafting of the following document, commonly called: corporate environmental policy. This report must precisely define the actions and behaviours that the company intends to adopt to comply with the existing legislation and, where possible, also enhance the levels of control and correction of the factors that can be improved, in addition to what has already been defined and requested. In a context of globalization, Masutti Marmi turns out to be a tiny piece, perhaps even insignificant, but, in the awareness of the roles, it felt obliged to do everything it was and is in its power to help a process of respect for the environment.

I would also like to bring some concrete examples, necessary to interpret the norm and anticipate some great satisfaction: the hazardous waste, which our company produced, is now no longer valued as such; they are considered as reusable production waste, therefore with the possibility of reducing waste as much as possible. We went from a 20% threshold to a target – now reality – of a maximum of 2%. In this way, we have not only optimized our processes and created opportunities, but we have concretely contributed to the substantial decrease in the quantity of waste that must be disposed of; this gave us great satisfaction.

I am aware – and it is the reason why I decided to write this study – that it is difficult in some cases to make our customers understand these actions, but we are happy, we are responsible for what we do and how we do it, confident that the path undertaken will lead us to share our joy with the context that surrounds us, in the complex world of business.

Diego Pol

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