Cpertina Articolo: Nuova Linea - Pietre Naturali

Natural Stones: a New Masutti’s Line


Since ancient times, natural stone has always played a fundamental role in human life and it has been used in many areas, but particularly in architecture and sculpture. Thanks to its characteristics of resistance, compactness and durability, natural stone has the charm of existing for millions of years. The history of natural stone as a building material has lasted for 2,500 years, from ancient Greece to modern skyscrapers, passing through imperial Rome, Renaissance Florence and the Rome of the popes: the Parthenon, the Colosseum, the Vatican Pietà, Donatello’s David, the Venus de Milo, Stonehenge, Notre Dame de Paris, the Empire State Building … an infinite list, millenary works of inestimable artistic value and of undoubted visual charm: unique and unrepeatable effect. Even today, there are more and more architects and designers who prefer natural stone compared to other materials, thanks to the many aesthetic results that it can assume, allowing to satisfy even the most creative requests. The varieties, colours and veins of natural stone are innumerable and the processes make it unrepeatable. A natural stone work can never be the same as another. Using natural stone is therefore not the same as using any other material, it never remains anonymous!

Marble, granite. These are the natural stones that Masutti Marmi has decided to propose to its customers, firmly believing in the elegance, uniqueness, nobility of these materials. The “expressive skills” of these raw materials are incomparable! And let’s not forget that they are obviously eco-friendly.

Let’s find out its characteristics.

Marble falls within the classification of natural stones; it is one of the finest materials that are used for surface coating. In particular, it is part of the “pure, crystal clear and metamorphic rocks” that derive from calcium carbonate. Marble is able to make each internal and external environment unique, durable, precious and of design. The stone is versatile and it easily adapts to various styles, from the rustic one to the modern or contemporary one. Marble, thanks to its particular composition and nature, resists abrasions, impacts and has a high durability over time.

Granite is one of the most beautiful and versatile natural stones. It is an intrusive igneous rock, that is, a rock that was formed thanks to the cooling of the magma that was originally located at a depth between 1.5 km and 50 km from the earth’s surface. The characteristic brilliance of granite is given by the high percentage of quartz that characterizes it. The properties that distinguish it are hardness, high resistance to wear and abrasion by acid agents. That’s why granite is used for the construction of kitchen countertops, bathroom surfaces and interior floor.

So what are you waiting for? Come to visit us. You will be able to see and touch the slabs on display. You will understand with your eyes and your hands the extraordinary nature of these materials.

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