For Gianluca: The Retractable Kitchens

Cover Image: The Designer Responds - A kitchen solution integrated with the living room.

Hi, my name is Gianluca! I saw some beautiful retractable kitchens! They are those kitchens that are closed by doors and you can’t see them, do you know them?Architect, do you find this type of kitchen functional? I have a spacious apartment, I don’t mind the idea, but I would not regret my choice. What can you advise me?

Mr. Gianluca, thanks to this question I will be able to introduce a new topic in this section that will surely please many. The idea of ​​having a kitchen that can be hidden inside a wardrobe today represents the opportunity to communicate between the kitchen area and the living area in perfect harmony. In the last year, a mechanism has been perfected by a large group of hardware, very functional and resistant, which allows you to create important wardrobes with the possibility during the opening of the doors, to send them to disappear laterally in the depth of the sides. Once this is done, a functional kitchen like all the others with multiple design possibilities is presented inside. So, keeping the retractable doors open, I have a kitchen in all respects, while closing everything I get a large wardrobe aesthetically pleasing, therefore with great clean lines. We are in perfect trend with the most innovative design trends, the only flaw, let’s call it in this way, is the cost of the mechanism and wardrobe to add to that of the internal kitchen. Right now I am planning two kitchens that go in this direction.


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