Cover Article: Internal External Training in Masutti 2020


Investing in corporate training is a decisive strategic choice; it allows the company to remain competitive in an historical context in which evolution is very rapid and competition is high. That’s why training is necessary and indispensable, not only in order to motivate employees to grow, allowing them to acquire more skills and therefore carry out their tasks in the best possible way, but also to educate customers, making them learn complete and correct notions about what they buy and why they buy it. It is therefore important to create a real training program, both for internal staff and for third parties who gravitate around the company itself. This, one of Masutti’s goals for 2020. This, what Masutti has planned and is about to achieve throughout the current year! The training courses for employees have already started in December 2019. The first day saw our sales representatives as protagonists. The training saw the introduction and illustration of some important regulatory issues, such as Legislative Decree 106/2017 “Adaptation of national legislation to the provisions of EU regulation no. 305/2011, which establishes harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products ”, as well as specific technical standards for our sector. Afterwards, the entire sales department compared the results for 2019, both from a technical and objective point of view. Food for thought was given for a “better” approach to the customer, for a more satisfactory management of the relationship and therefore of the sale, without diminishing or underestimating the aspects of post-sales and assistance in general.

On 8 January, however, the same sales staff were involved in an educational path within the production sector; the aim was to learn the mandatory steps for the realization of a kitchen worktop in a simple way and “on the field”, the peculiarities of each production step, the technical characteristics of the materials, the qualities and any deficiencies of the many raw materials. All this because a good seller must absolutely be prepared and trained from a professional and technical point of view. During the meeting, the importance of internal training was stressed several times, so that it becomes itself a method of information and training for our customers.

2020 will also be a year dedicated to training our customers on the correct and exhaustive use of the estimate calculator (our commercial configurator, able to guide the user in defining a product – a kitchen countertop – and the relative economic offer). Already on the plan, the meetings for this year (although in 2019 2 training days have already been held which have achieved a participation exceeding all expectations):

  • Monday 03 February at 10:00
  • Wednesday 04 March at 15:00
  • Thursday 09 April at 10:00
  • Friday 08 May at 15:00
  • Saturday 06 June at 10:00
  • Monday 13 July at 15:00
  • Tuesday 04 August at 10:00
  • Wednesday, September 16 at 15:00
  • Monday 05 October at 10:00
  • Thursday 19th November at 3pm
  • Saturday 12 December at 10:00

We are proud of these formative moments which – we are sure – will bring the right results, not only within Masutti but also to our customers!

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