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The MASUTTI property, since the acquisition of the company (which took place in February 2018), has considered essential the development of its own Quality management system, a fundamental requirement to achieve the improvement of its performance.

In fact, in October 2018, MASUTTI was certified ISO 9001.

Wanting to pursue the same goal achieved by CESAF, the group leader, the company has actively worked – in the following months – to develop an Integrated Management System, which now includes the Environmental Management System (according to ISO 14001) and the Health and Safety at Work Management System (according to ISO 45001 ex OHSAS 18001). For the environmental certification, the audits have been done on the 22nd of October and on the 6th of November of the current year; on the 14th and 22nd of October – instead – those for the safety. The assessments have generated some observations from the institution, which were promptly resolved. We are pleased to announce that MASUTTI MARMI E GRANITI has obtained the aforementioned certifications, thus creating its own integrated management system.

The presence of the IMS in the company allows us to simultaneously realize the improvement in:

  • business performance,
  • environmental effects of the activity,
  • management of health and risks at work,
  • staff management,

Besides being an added value also abroad. Three systems that are born as independent from each other, but whose fusion in a single “procedure” allows to manage the various processes in a more efficient way, thanks to an overall view of each ISO system, also allowing a streamlining of the internal administrative procedures. We are also pleased to announce that the 19th of September 2019 the first renewal of the ISO 9001 certification has been awarded.

The Certification of the Integrated Management System, acquired by MASUTTI, shows how the processes within our company are strictly controlled at all stages, to obtain products of very high quality in respect of the environment, of the safety and of the health of the staff.

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