Cover Article: masutti Between Tradition and Tecnlogy


In three words our slogan “artisans of innovation” encloses the core of our Company and this is because nowadays, in order to initiate the growth dynamics, the artisans must rely on technology to combine artisan capabilities with the knowledge and implementation of specific technologies to the industrial production.

For this reason, we recently enriched our set of equipment and tools with two new machineries: the numerical control milling bridge with 5 interpolated axes used to cut marble, granite and agglomerates with a thickness up to 200 mm and the vertical edge-polisher for straight edges; both these items account for a multi-tasking working area for the production and polishing of marble, granite, stoneware, quartz and ceramic of various dimensions.

The numerical control milling bridge is an extremely flexible machinery, also perfect for the production of different type of products, such as kitchen and bathrooms tops and various claddings. This tool allows the execution of orthogonal cuts up to a 200 mm depth as well as oblique, circular, elliptical, sloping, millings, holes and straight, concave, convex, arched and elliptical shapes which provides for extremely precise products in terms of measures. This machine is recommended to increment the production with reduced bulk. This machine is a one of a kind in its field.

The new vertical edge-polisher for straight edges is the best solution of work on pieces that due to their reduced dimensions, are not easily workable with traditional machines. Thanks to the use of oscillating units, this tool enables the symmetrical polishing of granite, quartz, ceramic and marble edges, with thickness from 10 to 60 mm. This innovative system with a double conveyor belt ensures the perfect adherence of narrow pieces from 45 mm as well as of heads from 80mm. This equipment distinguishes for its high performances and reliability and it was desired to speed up and increment the Company’s productivity.

Thanks to these recent purchases, our set of equipment and tools can currently count with:

  • 2 numerical control bridge milling
  • 1 manual bridge milling
  • 1 horizontal edge-polisher
  • 1 vertical edge-polisher
  • 2 numerical control contouring machines
  • cutting machine with water jet

Apart from these cutting-edge technology that can reach excellent precision levels and obtain increasingly higher results, we can count on a competent staff made of artisans of this sector.

Our team has a solid experience in the manufacturing of stone and other high quality materials and they are fully capable of realizing every kind of project. Our technicians and workers reach a high manual and technical preparation and they are totally able to complete any type of manufacturing; needless to say that this includes the custom made solutions, which are specifically requested by the Client.

We are greatly interested in the professional preparation of our operators and we have always organized specific courses which guarantee training and updates.

The right balance between modernity and tradition allowed a productivity that highlights the continuous interest for renewal and research in this specific field.

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