For Maria: Replace backsplashes with backrests

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Good evening, well I would say goodnight, given the late hour. My name is Maria. A few years ago I bought a kitchen and I have 5 cm high wall-side backsplashes. Can I replace them with backrests? Do you find it a good idea, but above all, feasible? In his opinion, can I also make them of different material and different colour compared to the top or do you recommend the same material (black top on white lacquered kitchen) ? Thank you.

Good evening, I consider unsuitable both the 5 cm backsplashes and the backrests. The backrests are honestly even worse, especially if I have the wall units above. They are now past, old and obsolete solutions, therefore I recommend a wall-coloured plaster between the top and the wall and at most a 10 mm backsplash or steel plate. There are washable paints that allow an optimal level of hygiene and cleanliness.


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