Cover Image: The Designer Responds - A kitchen solution integrated with the living room.

For Luca: Ceramic Material Coating

I have seen many kitchens with the coating of the doors in ceramic material. Are they safe? My fear is if I will have problems with time! I like them a lot but my house is quite small; I don’t know if the environment becomes too full or they can result heavy at the sight. What do you suggest me…? Thank you very much in advance. Luca.

Mr. Luca, Ceramic in recent years has made great strides in terms of products presented to the market related to the furniture sector. Large-sized ceramic slabs of various thicknesses were born with incredible graphics and serigraphs to the point of entering the world of furniture with arrogance. Many, if not nearly all, are the production companies that have included these products in their range, applied to the doors of furniture, worktops, accessories and various coverings as well as bathrooms. They are super tested products, they have required large investments from ceramic producers, but to date the result is extraordinary. Thanks to these products, today we can create unique, long-lasting and technically very valid furnishing projects… Therefore, do not think twice about it, you can proceed that the result will be excellent. Of course, the important thing is to turn to certified and accredited people and companies in order to obtain the best result.


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