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For Tomas: Bathroom and kitchen in negative!

I recently bought a piece of land, with a house to renovate: its optimal conditions allowed me to expand the budget for the choice of the finishes. I would like to make the kitchen and bathroom in stone (I don’t care if natural or synthetic), including floors and walls. My idea was to make a kitchen of a light colour, while I would prefer a dark bathroom, do you have any combinations (both colour and material) to suggest?

Excellent choice Mr. Tomas,
surely the use of these materials will do nothing but make his project unique, recognizable and beautiful.
For the kitchen I could suggest a more practical and trendy ceramic product, with light colours it could be a glacier natural, or a very refined Calacatta.
For the bathroom, considered also the smaller dimensions, we can opt for two solutions, one always in a ceramic product like Kelya natural or Domoos solid or a very top choice using a real EMPERADOR marble, very refined.
For walls and floors you can easily use the same materials, I certainly suggest you to discuss and get a project done by a professional who can give you the right answers in terms not only of the realization of the project but also of materials, considering the importance of his home and given the materials that can be used.

Our experience at your service.
Aa Alessandro Antoniazzi

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