Detail Awareness campaign for ceramic and Dekton tops

It is quite common that due to their technical structure, part of the kitchen tops – usually the bottom – is visible.

The Client must be informed about this at all times. Always.

📌 It is known that only one side of the slabs can be finished. After removing the net support layer that is usually applied to the ceramic slab, our workers polish the lower side. The result is excellent, yet we must be well aware that it is impossible to reach the same finishing grade as the upper side.

📌 It is essential to indicate the width in centimeters to be polished and finished. Usually, the polished area is up to 8 cm, yet the forecasted standard is 6 cm.

📌  If this activity is done on site, the workers must wear the relevant IPDs before any net removal or polishing activity is done. Both synthetic materials as well as natural stone (even though in very limited quantities) entail some crystalline silica and this cannot be neglected!

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