Detail Awareness campaign for ceramic and Dekton tops 2

Retail awareness for ceramic and Dekton tops

Kitchens are constantly chancing!

Apart from the top, which becomes an island in the majority of the cases, now the sides need to be in sight as well – or at least this applies to the inner side. Apart from being the support for part of the top/island, they are extremely important in terms of aesthetics.

❌ This is not possible for Ceramic/Dekton as the slabs are thought with a homogeneous texture only on one side, not on both. Therefore, it is not possible to have the same finishing as the kitchen top or island.

❌ This cannot be done if there is any type of veining on the surface.

❌With darker materials, the color difference after the polishing is acceptable, but on two sides that are in view, the diversity is extremely visible.

In Masutti we found a solution that is getting a very good response on the market that is summarized in this communication. Perfection cannot be reached; minor thicknesses with the same materials do not guarantee 100% the same tonality or color. Still, the result is remarkable and the difference can be seen only by the expert eye of insiders.

⚠️ Attention: not all colors are available in all the thicknesses; hence it is important to be sure that the so-called thin thicknesses are available at the manufacturer.

To give peace to our Clients, we guarantee that for these special situations, the artifact is pre-assembled at our finishing department to be sure that there will not be issues at the moment of installation. We proved that more than once!

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