Ceramic Top Type of sinks

When designing a kitchen, first of all one needs to consider the type of sink to install. The sink is extremely important in the kitchen, hence it is necessary to support the Client during this important choice and therefore, provide pros and cons per each installation method.

🌟Countertop sinks do not present any hole-related issues, as the distance from the edge is wide enough.

🌟On the contrary, flush mounted sinks foresee the milling of the top hole to allow the recessed installation of the sink. The final result is more fragile compared to the first possibility.

🌟The under top installation results in a series of different situations related to the materials used for its realization: Stainless steel or composite materials or reconstituted (same material of the top).

The under top stainless-steel sink or composite material is to be installed under the top, with perimetral bushings and screws.


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