Ceramic slabs. Creation of inclined and integrated drains.

Ceramic slabs. Creation of inclined and integrated drains.

More and more often we are asked whether it is possible to make inclined and integrated drains out of ceramic slabs. The answer is: it certainly is, as the photographs show.

However, it is important to emphasise the complexity and particularity of the workmanship, which must be carried out with the utmost precision and meticulousness, right from the initial design stage, in order to guarantee to the finished product the correct support and consequent resistance.

In fact, to create this type of top it is necessary to integrate the washbasin with a sloping portion of the slab (N.B.: directly sloping a portion of the slab allows the preservation of the superficial characteristics of the same) which acts as a draining board and is connected to the rest of the top.

Therefore, in view of the complex nature of this type of work, we recommend that you always request a dedicated quotation for each item with these specific characteristics, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and/or annoying misunderstandings when invoicing.

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