Masutti Garden Slabs The collection is enriched with new Laminam finishes.

Masutti Garden slabs. The collection is enriched with new Laminam® finishes.

Our expositive garden, already rich in many proposals, is enriched with 2 new Laminam finishes:

  • Pietra di Cardoso Nero Fiammato
  • Pietra Piasentina Grigio Fiammato

These slabs are inspired by the homonymous natural stones, made with the innovative IN-SIDE technology that is based on the mixing of natural raw materials from which a material mélange typical of natural stones is obtained. The effect can be seen by observing the edge of the slab that has total aesthetic homogeneity with the surface.

As usual in Masutti we present them to the public, in the full slab format, so that those who are interested or simply curious can grasp its peculiarities and uniqueness.

These two new finishes further respond to the demands of the world of architecture, interior design and furniture. Two new proposals that are added to the already countless surfaces that you can see and touch live at our “unique” slab garden.

Come and visit us, you won’t regret it!

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