Stop wracking your brain to calculate the price of a countertop, with calculations that must take into account a thousand variables, such as length, depth, thickness, finish, holes and who knows what else. Also with the risk of running into some economic miscalculations as well.

We want to make it easier for you!

Here is the latest initiative of Masutti, in collaboration with Atlas Plan.

From today, you can buy your top with one simple multiplication! Choose the material from the ones we have selected for you, select the finish that best suits your needs and multiply the unit value by the linear meters you have to furnish. There you have it!

Do you need to add to your quote for the countertop, backsplashes, islands or peninsulas? We have also thought of an “all inclusive” price per square meter. The calculation method is the same: take the unit value per square meter we propose and multiply it by the total area you need to furnish.

But there is more!
The price is the same, disregarding the material and finish you choose!

Main features of the initiative


Continuity of material procurement

Thanks to our partnership with Atlas Plan, we guarantee the constant availability of the proposed raw materials. No need to pre-order material, which will always be in stock.


Reliable delivery times

Since the delivery of materials is guaranteed, we can assure you that the top will be delivered in 3 weeks after order placement.


Long-term project.

An initiative that does not end within a few days, far from it! Our “YOUR TOP BY METER” campaign will run through 2023.

The slabs

Thickness 12 mm

We offer Black Atlantis and Calacatta Apuano by Atlas Plan, both available in Silk and Polished finishes.

Marble-effect ceramic slabs, suitable for covering surfaces and walls, for a refined taste and remarkable prestige.

Black Atlantis

Calacatta Apuano


Slab dimensions: 3240 mm x 1620 mm x 12 mm

Available Finishes


The Silk finish is characterized by a matte, reflection-free surface in which one is not mirrored. It feels particularly soft to the touch, while maintaining the technical characteristics that make it perfect for countertops. It has slight irregularities, typical of natural stone.


This finish brings out the chromatic tones and shades of porcelain stoneware, embellishing its design and giving it a refined appearance.
The mechanical processing polishes the surface until it becomes uniform, thus allowing the light to reflect perfectly.

Black Atlantis

The clean and compact black background color is crossed by white and gold veins that embellish the surface.
The marble effect gives it a striking luster and amazing aesthetic and visual depth, making it impossible to tell it apart from a natural material.

Calacatta Apuano

A delicate graphic that is distinguished by fine veins ranging from light gray to taupe gray.
A refined material, a luminous color.
Calacatta Apuano is suitable for all styles and can be combined with all other colors.

The offer is valid throughout 2023!

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